Grow Grand Island, Inc. is a collaborative & comprehensive approach to growth and progress for the area.

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I certainly think the size of this community is perfect.  We are not so big that we have the congestion of a large city but still big enough that we have everything a family would want and need.

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Grand Island is full of leaders and volunteers that want to see the community succeed and the people succeed. It is truly a great place to be and be supported by your neighbors.

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Our Approach

From our visionary, community-based origin in 2014, Grow Grand Island has vigorously pursued a broad program of work in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corporation, Convention & Visitors Bureau, City of Grand Island and Hall County.

Our Mission

The mission of Grow Grand Island is to cultivate bold ideas that create business and quality of life opportunities in our region through planning, partnering and doing.

Our Lead Partners

If not for the amazing work of our lead partners, Grow Grand Island would not be able to achieve the great things for our community year after year.  Our impact through these lead partners include 1) business growth and job creation; 2) skilled & sustainable workforce pipeline; 3) talent attraction & retention; 4) elevating the standard of living for residents; and 5) increasing engagement & collaboration. 

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The Executive Committee is tasked with leading Grow Grand Island toward the desired outcomes and assuring it occurs effectively through planning and partnering.

The Advisory Committee serves as the “keepers of the goals.” Members are champions of strategy and implementation.

Program of Work

Our current priorities came from a community visioning effort in 2014.  Grow Grand Island was established as a 501c3 in 2016 to facilitate implementation.

We work to determine the best approaches and strategies to keep Grand Island a great place to live, work, play and learn.

Our Funding Partners & Investors

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Grow WITH Grand Island

Be a part of the amazing growth of Grand Island.  Let Grow Grand Island connect you with local businesses and find the right fit for you and your family.

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