The Grow Grand Island plan identifies “what” the community should pursue to strengthen its pillars – Existing Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Image, Workforce, and Community Assets – these Implementation Guidelines help define “how” the community will pursue effective and efficient implementation of the Grow Grand Island strategy.


Specifically, it outlines the ways in which we will develop the volunteer and organizational leadership structures necessary to promote “collaborative, cooperative, and effective partnerships” that were identified as the community’s foundation during the 2014 Grow Grand Island and Grander Vision studies – the glue or cement that holds the pillars together.  


For each recommendation in the Grow Grand Island strategy, it also provides the following information in the form of an “implementation grid” that is being used to guide implementation efforts, track progress, and make updates as needed: potential lead implementers; potential supporting partners; a timeframe for implementation, and; cost estimates for implementation.

Grow Grand Island Implementation Plan


Lead implementers, key partners and committees will establish performance metrics for gauging the effectiveness of implementation efforts.



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Grow Grand Island Funding Cover Letter


Grow Grand Island Funding Application


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Funding Application Score Sheet


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